Forex Swing Trading Group

Thursdays at 2pm ET

  • ​Learn both Fundamental and Technical Analysis
  • ​Participate in live group work with other traders
  • ​Plan next week's trading several days in advance
  • ​Swing Trading Video Training Course - INCLUDED
  • ​Day Trading Video Training Course - INCLUDED
  • ​Chart templates, tools, indicators, EAs - INCLUDED
  Hard Core LIVE & Video Training
Gain access to our Swing Trading video course.  Learn how to identify entries and exits.
($979 Value)
  Learn from a Trading Veteran
Setup 100 - 300 pip trades live with your trading mentor Wayne McDonell. 

 Spend Less Time in front of Charts
We plan trades for next Week and next Month!  1 hour a week is all that you need for planning.

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How Does The Swing Trading Work?
  • Live Webinars: We meet once a week to setup our swing trades as a live group.
  • Webinar Replays: Every session is recorded in case you miss one or want to review the details again.
  • Video Training Course: Got lost in the logic of a setup?  Go through the training course again and again.

"This is my swing trade.  There are many others like it, but this one is mine.  Swing trades are my best friend.  Swing trades is my life.  I must master Swing Tradin- The Creed of a Swing Traderg as I must master my life.  My swing trades, without me, are useless.  Without swing trades, I am useless..."